Thursday, September 4, 2008

Water Applications for Center Pivots

Today, the value of center pivots has increased even further as the tools available in the form of computer controls and sprinkler technology have reached a new plateau.
Center pivot applications have also expanded into the realm of applying not only water but also nutrientsand chemicals to the crop via fertigation and chemigation. Advances in sprinkler technology for mechanized irrigation have answered many of the previous challenges.
Today a grower can apply water and chemicals with precision uniformity and high irrigation efficiency. The improvements in irrigation efficiency, uniformity, andthe control of runoff illustrate major technological advancements.

  1. To add pressure regulators to compensate for pressure fluctuations and stabilize flowrate.
  2. To replace old technology for better irrigation efficiency.
  3. To improve irrigation uniformity.
  4. To operate at lower pressure and save energy.
  5. To improve crop yield and get a higher return per acre.
  6. To adjust gallonage to match soil and crop requirements.
  7. To replace worn out sprinklers and nozzles.
  8. To minimize operating costs.
  9. To take advantage of local power
  10. To reduce runoff and solve wheel-tracking problems.

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