Friday, September 5, 2008

Center Pivot Sprinklers

Sprinkler manufacturers have developed and marketed a large number of different sprinkler technologies that produce relatively large wetted diameters at reduced pressures.Thus, center pivot operators have a greater number of sprinkler packages to meet goals of reduced wind drift, reduced energy costs and increased water application efficiency.
The goal of every sprinkler or spray nozzle package is to apply water uniformly to the soil surface where it can be used by plants to produce grain or dry matter.Some performance characteristics can affect the suitability of a package for a specific set of field conditions.
Each sprinkler is designed to operate within a range of water pressures. Tipically, impact sprinklers can be operated over a wide range of pressures than low pressure spray nozzles.
One of the more recent changes resulting from new nozzle designs is related to water application patterns.The design process sought to achieve the largest wetted diameter and lowest operating pressure combination possible.

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