Monday, September 1, 2008

Pessimistic rain forecasts in Spain

Spain faced up to the most serious drought in the last 60 years, (aquifers level was near a quarter of its size). The poor rains achieved this year were not enough to fill reservoirs, and water consumption limitations started to be aplied.
The Spanish Ministry for the Agriculture promissed transforming 138,000 hectares with a 1,137 mill. € budget, (76%, public investment). Besides, it would improve existing irrigation lands with a 3,056 mill. € (50%, public inventment). These works were directed and guided by the respective official institution in each area. They pointed out the specifications to which, installing enterprises which took part in the works execution, were obliged to.
One of the aims was the water control with the help of counters installation. The specifications indicated technical and administrative prescriptions for volumetric counters ins
tallation and support. These counters should have European Economic Community official approval. Approval certificate made out by an official organ. And performance certificate or calibration made out by an official organ or an officially accredited laboratory.

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