Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Cruise control for center-Pivot irrigation

Cruise control for center-Pivot irrigationValley Irrigation introduced a new software that they have called 'Pivot Cruise Control', which allows producers to be more precise with chemigation and fertigation.

This product is a good demonstration of company's dedication to meeting customers' needs through innovation.

The irrigation industry was asking for a product like this. Now producers can program a center pivot irrigation machine to automatically adjust its speed, based on completing a defined number of degrees in a specific amount of time.

This feature will help producers more precisely manage chemigation and fertigation through their center pivot irrigation equipment. If a center pivot travels too fast during chemigation, it won't be applied enough chemical. If it travels too slowly, the product runs out and a part of the ground goes untreated.

It's a very easy to use product, so simple to operate.

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